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After German 'Green Party' Shut Down Nuclear Power Plants, Coal Consumption For Energy Has Skyrocketed And So Have Energy Prices Reader 01/14/2023 (Sat) 18:26 Id: e9d865 [Preview] No. 19653
After German 'Green Party' Shut Down Nuclear Power Plants, Coal Consumption For Energy Has Skyrocketed And So Have Energy Prices

Hoot of the Day: The Greens forced a shutdown of nuclear power under Angela Merkel. Now they are both for and against coal, the dirtiest of all electrical power sources.

Coal provides a staggering 31% of German electricity production, up from 8% in 2015.

Meanwhile, police in riot gear began evicting 'climate activists' Wednesday from a condemned village in western Germany that is due to be demolished for the expansion of a coal mine.

Some stones and fireworks were thrown as officers entered the tiny hamlet of Luetzerath, which has become a flashpoint of debate over the country’s climate efforts, on Wednesday morning.

Some activists expressed particular anger at the environmentalist Green party, which is part of both the regional and national governments that reached a deal with RWE last year allowing it to destroy the village in return for ending coal use by 2030, rather than 2038.

HOLD UP... They have to destroy the village and mine the dirtiest coal type to save the environment!?

Yesterday’s pictures of police marching in on protesters trying to protect a lignite field is symptomatic of the many contradictions of German energy policy. Here you have Green ministers, Robert Habeck among them, defending police action against protesters, most of whom are members or at least voters of the Green party. The lignite deal was negotiated by the Greens themselves. We are now observers of the absurd spectacle of the Greens defending the dirtiest version of coal.

Meanwhile, while Germany is tearing up towns to mine Lignite, the EU Imposes the World's Largest Carbon Tax Scheme labeled CBAM: https://mishtalk.com/economics/eu-imposes-the-worlds-largest-carbon-tax-scheme-inflationary-madness-sets-in

CBAM stands for Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. It is a TAX on imports from countries that do things like burn coal to produce goods.

CBAM will cover iron and steel, cement, aluminum, fertilizers and electricity.


Reader 01/14/2023 (Sat) 18:31 Id: e9d865 [Preview] No.19654 del
One explanation would be pure utter insanity. However, doubted. Exploitation of the insane to benefit corrupt interests is what is really going on here. They know damn well this is all a big racket to exploit taxpayers and both poor and middle class hard working energy consumers.

Reader 01/15/2023 (Sun) 19:33 Id: 2a5fed [Preview] No.19655 del
(356.44 KB 692x990 merkel kike.png)
(1.28 MB 320x180 merkel kike.gif)
(71.63 KB 618x415 merkelrabbis.jpg)
(534.62 KB 824x856 167.jpg)
We don't give a damn about the normies on this board. Here, take some info on (((Angela Merkel))).

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