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Crooked Governments Now Forcing New Discriminatory Medical Policies To Prohibit Healthcare Services Reader 01/20/2023 (Fri) 19:56 Id: 23f570 [Preview] No. 19678
BEWARE: Crooked Governments Now Forcing New Discriminatory Medical Policies To Prohibit Healthcare Services

As of right now, there is no formidable way to identify who got “vaccinated” for covid and who was smart and brave enough to just say no to experimental gene-modification drugs. But this is about to change as the International Classification of Disease (ICD) system is getting a brand-new medical code for the unvaccinated.

With approval from the treasonous United States government, the criminal World Health Organization is implementing the new digital diagnosis code as a type of scarlet letter for purebloods, who are an apparent threat to the establishment.

Once in place, an unvaccinated person’s medical records will be given the “yellow star armband” code indicating that he or she refused to take the spike proteins, graphene, and whatever other toxins are inside the vials.

This is clearly yet another reason Americans need to stay away from the current corrupted 'medical' establishment, a mass murdering industry.

Most people are familiar with international codes in the context of medical billing. This unvaccinated code, however, is more of a branding tool that lets the medical establishment know who still has DNA made in the image of God as opposed to damaged DNA made in the image of Pfizer and Moderna.

“This system was originally created after World War II for the purpose of tracking the diagnosis of major diseases within a population,” explains Technocracy.news.

“But over the years, there have been 11 major revisions, and with each revision the data being collected on each individual has become more precise and all-inclusive.”

According to the WHO website, some 1.6 million different clinical situations can now be coded. And unless doctors and other medical professionals use these codes, they risk not being reimbursed by insurance companies for services rendered.

It is a compulsory system, in other words, that does not tolerate the non-compliant. This bodes ominous for the unvaccinated who face discrimination when seeking health care services.

Up until the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare, by Congress in 2012, the ICD system was relatively innocuous. After 2012, however, it “really grew into an electronic data-mining beast,” Technocracy.news reveals.

“The digitization of healthcare records was fully implemented with the upgrade to ICD-10 after two congressional delays in 2016 … Since then, there has literally been a numeric code created for almost any diagnosis you can think of, and some you would never think of.”

As of October 2022, Code Z28.310 is now a reality. It indicates that a patient is unvaccinated, allowing medical professionals everywhere to pry into what was previously private information.

“This is the code your doctor will log into the computer system that is accessed by government and private health insurers informing them of your Covid vaccine status,” Technocracy.news further explains.

“These are internationally recognized codes for very specific medical conditions for insurance and government purposes. They are accessible worldwide should you be overseas and have a health issue that needs to be treated.”

Keep in mind that if a doctor refuses to submit this code alongside a medical bill to Medicare or Medicaid, he or she faces not being reimbursed. In other words, failing to tell the federal government a patient’s covid status is now a career killer for medical professionals.

Despite continued efforts by despots to convince everyone to take the shots, tens of millions of Americans are never going to comply. As for those who did and are still alive, our prayers are with them that these excess death trends do not eventually catch up with them as many expect will happen once vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS) runs its course.


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