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(290.14 KB 658x580 1563463.png)
By 2025 Most Humans Will Be Bug-eating Transgenders Connected To A Transhumanist Super Computer Reader 02/13/2023 (Mon) 12:03 Id: c9203b [Preview] No. 19752
THE PLAN: By 2025 Most Humans Will Be Bug-eating Transgenders Connected To A Transhumanist Super Computer

What will the world look like two years from now? The answer is a whole lot less human: https://thecovidblog.com/2023/01/31/the-great-reset-accelerated-ii-eggs-and-red-meat-are-poison-e-u-approves-more-bugs-as-marketable-food-and-the-destructive-phenomenon-of-transmaxxing/

Part of the plan is to convert everyone’s dinner plates into piles of bugs and “plant-based” lab creations rather than the meat and eggs humanity has been consuming for millennia. Everyone’s bodies will also be converted to transgender hybrids and connected to a transhumanist super computer.

We are already witnessing the trans-ification of the next generation under the banner of LGBT. This is a prelude to the transhuman-ification of all leftover humanity once the Great Reset comes into full swing.

Right now, the agenda involves pricing everyone out of traditional foods through inflation and supply chain problems. The energy crisis is also part of the mix as it is making fertilizers too expensive to produce.

Egg inflation and associated shortages are another cut in the death by-a-million cuts gameplan of the “elite.” First, it was meat; now it is eggs; and eventually, it will be everything natural and good and wholesome that gets extinguished in exchange for the globalist dystopia that is forming right before our eyes.

There are many circulating excuses to explain away the high price of eggs in particular, which we are told is primarily the result of “avian flu.” Actual egg farmers, though, say otherwise.

Just six percent of egg-laying chicken flocks have been affected by bird flu, which is not nearly enough to explain away the dramatic shortages and price increases now being seen at grocery stores.

As all this is happening, the globalist-controlled media machine is claiming that eggs are unhealthy anyway and that people should voluntarily stop eating them and instead switch to lab-produced egg substitutes and other fake foods.

Once the mRNA “vaccines” for covid are finished killing off much of the human herd and DNA-reprogramming the rest, those who remain as human-machine hybrids will be primed and ready to consume all this fake food while the “elite” chow down on all the good stuff that is being systematically from the consumer market.

The European Union (EU) is leading the way in pushing the pro-bug, anti-meat agenda. Numerous insect varieties were recently approved for human consumption across the European bloc, and the media are now busy pushing them onto consumers.

The goal is to make people salivate over the following, versus natural nausea and potential vomiting.”

Europeans are clearly slated to be first in line for the bug-eating agenda. Next comes the United States, which is ground zero for globalist programming and depopulation.

There is also the “transmaxxing” depopulation trend that involves brainwashing young men into giving up on their masculinity and turning into “women.” These are the types of “people” that the globalists are programming to become their future bug-eating slaves in the New World Order.


Reader 02/13/2023 (Mon) 14:25 Id: 51e6a9 [Preview] No.19753 del
These bastards will only make sick brain-washed human beings because chitin is bad for you. In fact, many falsely believed allergy season primarily has to do with pollen when it's instead microscopic chitin in the air playing havock with immune systems. Now, there are a lot of mainstream orgs spread across the internet "debunking" the toxicity of chitin. Those sites are (((owned))). Basically, (((they))) want malnutritioned human beings too mentally and physically weak to ever fight back. Your body possesses the TLR2 receptor which is meant to detect and expel chitin. Never believe these hand-wringing idiots with ulterior motives.

Reader 02/13/2023 (Mon) 14:41 Id: 8b3a11 [Preview] No.19754 del
(291.24 KB 666x854 7azmce.jpg)
Help spread the word to all the normies and pass this image on!

Reader 02/23/2023 (Thu) 04:00 Id: 50d799 [Preview] No.19778 del
>THE PLAN: By 2025 Most Humans Will Be Bug-eating Transgenders Connected To A Transhumanist Super Computer

Only if you let them OP. They shady shit when COVID was a thing, but not everyone went along with it.

Sooo just don't get cucked, don't let your friends and family get cucked, keep spreading this shit, and everything should be alright at the end.

Reader 02/23/2023 (Thu) 04:02 Id: 50d799 [Preview] No.19779 del
>They shady shit when COVID was a thing

*They tried doing similar shady shit when COVID was a thing

Reader 03/13/2023 (Mon) 17:55 Id: c4c72e [Preview] No.19867 del
Marxists say they love education, but why did Communists kill everyone with a college degree in

Reader 03/13/2023 (Mon) 22:48 Id: 51e6a9 [Preview] No.19871 del
This is one of those posts from AIDSkike I can't bring myself to delete. Some of his comments are truth. Most of it though is bullshit.

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