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US Government Now Using Chemical Weapons Against American Citizens For Depopulation Genocide Reader 02/15/2023 (Wed) 21:19 Id: fbc535 [Preview] No. 19759
US Government Now Using Chemical Weapons Against American Citizens For Depopulation Genocide

The chemical weapons gas bomb that was ignited by government authorities in Ohio was, of course, both an act of deliberate terrorism and a crime against humanity and the environment. I spoke with an accredited hazardous materials emergency response expert who told me that these chemicals should never have been set on fire by authorities.

The burning of vinyl chloride, of course, releases phosgene, a World War I chemical weapon that maims or kills biological beings on contact. The train crash provided the perfect cover story for genocidal government agents to essentially detonate a chemical weapons bomb over prime farm land, not far from heavily populated cities. The entire Ohio River basin will be impacted by the fallout for years to come, with massive die-offs already being reported, and both soils and foliage to be impacted with actual acid rain (hydrochloric acid), formed as the combustion products of vinyl chloride combine with water vapor in the air.

Not surprisingly, most people believe this was all an accident. Just like they also believe the covid “lab leak” was an accident. And the vaccine injuries are an accident.

There are no accidents when it comes to global genocide. All these things are being done on purpose with the determined goal of global genocide and depopulation.

Just one month ago, a large chemical plant exploded in La Salle, Illinois (near Chicago), unleashing a huge toxic cloud of potassium permanganate. This pattern of chemical “accidents” is starting to resemble food infrastructure sabotage, in which 100+ food facilities have now burned over the last 18 months, clearly targeted by government operatives, just as Dr. Andrew Huff recently warned me in a recent interview:


MP3 File: https://video.brighteon.com/file/BTBucket-Prod/audio/3f144175-7f9c-4b92-ac79-4d73899e8834.mp3

Reader 02/26/2023 (Sun) 02:48 Id: 30f66b [Preview] No.19794 del
"Chronic hunger can bind tighter than any iron link" - these words has been written on the helmet of giant bull, the worships to whom were payed on the commonwealth games opening ceremony in 2022.

Reader 02/26/2023 (Sun) 16:00 Id: 914807 [Preview] No.19795 del
That quote stems from Robert Sherard in "The White Slaves of England", lest modern society constantly forget that caucasians have suffered in the past as well.

Reader 02/27/2023 (Mon) 10:50 Id: 928db0 [Preview] No.19799 del
(36.09 KB 555x1122 un-chronicle.png)

They're goal is to bring back "white slavery" but by that I don't just mean sexual slavery, although that included too, but actual feudalism and these (((war criminals))) mostly Jews view caucasians and our history of desiring and fighting for freedom as a threat to their agenda. I find the best way to describe this to normies is to inform them that this ultimate goal our corrupted governments have today is nothing other than feudalism only with a modern high-tech police state overlay, a feudalistic surveillance state where everything is documented, recorded, filed, cataloged, tracked, traced, monitored and can be dug up later to damn certain unsuspecting individuals. Keep the ammo dry and nearby, you may be needing it.

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