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Another MAJOR Train Derailment (Sabotage) Event Hits Mississippi River Reader 04/28/2023 (Fri) 14:57 Id: b597a0 [Preview] No. 20909
Another MAJOR Train Derailment (Sabotage) Event Hits Mississippi River

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Another major train derailment has taken place in Ferryville, Wisconsin, that sent numerous train cars plummeting into the waters of the Mississippi River. If the Haz Mat releases, it could pollute the ENTIRE River for its full length inside the USA.

Emergency crews, including Hazmat teams, have responded to the derailment in Ferryville, Wisconsin.

Four people have been injured and multiple train cars have fallen into the Mississippi River.


It is currently unknown what’s inside the cars but reports are saying there might be a paint and lithium batteries in some of the train cars.

All local sand/gravel trucks are being sent in to help. This area has suffered record setting Mississippi river floods recently, which are ONGOING.

According to locals, the rails washed out in front of the train which then derailed and dumped into the river

Maybe we should all consider looking at all these train derailment events in a new light.

If the train derailments are contaminating the land, can the EPA/government condemn the area and force people to move and abandon their land? Move all people into 15 or 20 minute cities for POPULATION CONTROL for their Great Reset agenda?

In any other nation on earth, these events would be called what they are, acts of war, so hey, it stands to reason that someone, or numerous someone's are fighting against the United States, and are pretty successful at it. It also stands to reason, it will escalate, especially since the United States isn't even engaged in combating this type of thing. The trumpet is not going to get much louder, the Watchmen are yelling from the watchtower as well, but most are asleep, a drunken stupor near coma.


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