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Jew Filth Peddler Jerry Springer is Dead Reader 04/28/2023 (Fri) 16:24 Id: 720338 [Preview] No. 20910
The Jew Jerry Springer is dead. He died of cancer. It is only fitting that he died of cancer because his horrible daytime television show that rose to cultural prominence in the 1990s was a cancer on America. His show was a carnival of degenerate stupidity and always concluded with him lecturing the audience with a “final thought.” It didn’t matter that his “final thought” included no actual real thought, that was part of the joke. He would conclude his “final thought” by disingenuously telling the audience to “take care of yourself and each other” even after he deliberately paraded a bunch of staged retardation in front of the viewer.

It is sad that there are all sorts people praising this Jew and the horrible degeneracy he spread within the culture. There are some who know better and accurately described Springer for what he really was. Springer was indeed nothing more than a Jew peddler of filth and moral decay. So here’s my final thought on the subject. I am glad this Jew is dead and I hope he rests in hell for all of eternity. The world is better off that he is dead.


Reader 04/28/2023 (Fri) 16:41 Id: 123fd5 [Preview] No.20912 del
LOL, I love this summary, it should be written this way in his obituary.

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