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FDA Approves Lab-created CANCER CELL Chicken With Ties To Chinese Biowarfare Program Reader 05/17/2023 (Wed) 19:17 Id: 2ce471 [Preview] No. 21012
FDA Approves Lab-created CANCER CELL Chicken With Ties To Chinese Biowarfare Program

$$$Big Pharma$$$
FDA Approves Lab-created Chicken With Ties To Chinese Biowarfare Program
$$$Big Pharma$$$

GOOD Meat’s filing reveals the China-linked firm JOINN is integral to the production and quality control of the newly-licensed cultivated chicken. The company, founded in 2018 as an offshoot of its parent JOINN Laboratories, has a facility not far from Eat Just’s headquarters in San Francisco.



$$$Big Pharma$$$
Lab-created Chicken Gown From CANCER CELLS!
$$$Big Pharma$$$

The corrupt federal regulatory agency has green-lighted not just one but two different lab-grown "chicken meat" products for human consumption: one produced by Upside Foods and the other by GOOD Meat, both based out of California (GOOD Meat also has an office in Singapore).


MY COMMENT: Avoid all toxic depop fake meat and lab-created fake foods, support local farmer markets and only buy organic NON-GMO foods at the stores! If you have the land and resources to do so, raising chickens is well worth it, they will provide you lots of protein with eggs every day which are in fact healthy despite all the CORPORATE-GOVT LIES against real food. Meat rabbits are another idea, you can have real fresh meat all the time as they are always breeding. I'm getting another half cow this year, found another contact who says he will never use mRNA jabs on his cattle. All you got to do is talk to local farmers and inform them of what's going on, trade contact info and make deals!

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