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(12.78 KB 616x133 C2PA.jpeg)
Push and Pull: New bill being pushed to ID all pictures on the internet. Even Memes! Reader 07/20/2023 (Thu) 20:39 Id: b0a699 [Preview] No. 21248
Kinda had a feeling this was going to happen / they were planning on doing something like this. There's no such thing as a free meal

>The future of "truth" on the Internet


Balenciaga Pope. Fake Pentagon explosions. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell AI-generated images apart from the real thing, sometimes to disastrous effect.

A solution remains elusive. But Microsoft’s making an attempt with new media provenance features debuting at its annual Build conference.

Launching for Bing Image Creator and Designer, Microsoft’s Canva-like web app that can generate designs for presentations, posters and more to share on social media and other channels, the new media provenance capabilities will enable consumers to verify whether an image or video was generated by AI, Microsoft says. Using cryptographic methods, the capabilities, scheduled to roll out in the coming months, will mark and sign AI-generated content with metadata about the origin of the image or video.

Reader 07/20/2023 (Thu) 20:40 Id: b0a699 [Preview] No.21249 del
It’s not as straightforward as a visible watermark. To read the signature, sites will need to adopt the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) interoperable specification, a spec created with input from Adobe, Arm, Intel, Microsoft and visual media platform Truepic. Only then will the site be able to alert consumers when content has been generated by AI, modified or created by Designer or Image Creator.

So, the question is, will Microsoft’s efforts make much of a difference when so many image-generating tools haven’t embraced similar media provenance standards? C2PA does have the backing of Adobe, which recently launched its own range of generative AI tools, including an integration with Google’s Bard chatbot. But one of the more prominent players in the generative AI space, Stability AI, only very recently signaled a willingness to embrace a spec like the type Microsoft’s proposing.

Standards aside, Microsoft’s move to adopt a media provenance-tracking mechanism is in line with broader industry trends as generative AI takes hold. In May, Google said that it would use embedded metadata to signal visual media created by generative AI models. Separately, Shutterstock and generative AI startup Midjourney adopted guidelines to embed a marker that content was created by a generative AI tool.

Reader 07/20/2023 (Thu) 20:49 Id: b0a699 [Preview] No.21252 del

1) Megacorps give away ="FREE"= AI tools so normies make as much drivel as possible
2) Megacorps offer ="FREE"= AI to normies for months, until there's a sea of AI trash all over the internet
3) Megacorps then turn around and say "See all the FAKE NEWS and FAKE meme pictures that normies made! Woah, that's crazy! WE need to put more regulations on that type of content. By WE, we mean us, ALL of the Megacorps that offered the same AI tools for "FREE""

Yeah I called this out months.

=Holy shit=, I posted this video about AI literally 2 months ago and everything about it came true.

=/pol/ was right again!=

Reader 07/20/2023 (Thu) 23:52 Id: d8dd35 [Preview] No.21254 del

Indeed the world is getting more fucked as the years pass and so is the internet. The previous internet of the 90s pretty much is non-existent beside some p2p clients that most normies no longer use. I still use the internet from time to time but mostly to catch up on news and sometimes buy something I may need if it is too inconvenient to commute to purchase something at a retail store. I really do not use the internet for much else and I guarantee in the near future both governments and their crony oligarchs will seek to completely dismantle the current internet as it operates now, mandating all kinds of draconian privacy-invading IDs just to log online, maybe even forbidding old computers from logging online. At that point it will be too late, better get whatever you want now while you still can and have multiple offline backups of all your favorite desired media. If that day comes, I'll be offline and no one will be able to contact me other than my personal phone number or meeting up with me face to face. Pretty much back to pre-internet times.

Reader 07/20/2023 (Thu) 23:58 Id: d8dd35 [Preview] No.21255 del
As for AI. AI is no more than an advanced government-approved search engine. It still prohibits blacklisted content and can spew utter nonsense and propagandist lies just like anything else on the internet. AI is really not as advanced as people think. It's not even necessary really. It's as intelligent as the people who program it to be. Since it's all Big Tech firms and governments getting into AI, that's not giving it much credit. It could be better, but I am assured today that will never be allowed to happen. So fuck AI.

Reader 07/21/2023 (Fri) 03:12 Id: 764f04 [Preview] No.21258 del
This is only more proof Microsoft has no fucking idea what they're doing. Yeah they could try to differentiate A.I. images from person created images. But what happens when someone runs the A.I. image through an editor and makes alterations? All the prompts and A.I. are gone when you pop it into "PNG Info".
90s internet was purely unmoderated shit. There were illegal images scattered all over unrelated imageboards (Usenet alt.binaries) ranging from snuff gore to CP. Even in the Christian forums. Nobody had moderation tools back then. AOL, TalkCity, typically full of groomers. I suspect that crowd of sick fucks mostly moved onto Tor.
OP appears to be discussing A.I. generated images. Which restrictions exist in Stable Diffusion 2.0. People were using 1.5 to create realistic celebrity and "content creator" fake nudes so the creators caved to the rich babies crying like they're victims and blacklisted some prompts for 2.0

Reader 07/21/2023 (Fri) 16:49 Id: 984309 [Preview] No.21259 del
>People were using 1.5 to create realistic celebrity and "content creator" fake nudes so the creators caved to the rich babies crying like they're victims and blacklisted some prompts for 2.0

Sure, which is why I do not have much faith in AI or those programming it or who are in control of it. AI is only as intelligent as it is programmed to be. It will only pull up information from sources it is allowed to access which is most likely highly vetted and discriminated. You could ask the AI chat bots anything but you would find the same kind of information on most normie sites like Wikipedia if you were to manually research what you want to know. It's like a lazy man's trick.

Reader 07/21/2023 (Fri) 16:57 Id: 984309 [Preview] No.21260 del
As for AI photos, I would also assume it is much like photoshop only with less work for the users and more advanced algorithms for editing. I've seen stuff made from PicArts that look just as convincing if not more so than photoshop ever was. It's still the users directing the software to do what it is designed to do, not that it has any form of cognitive intelligence or makes anything real.

Reader 07/21/2023 (Fri) 18:58 Id: 764f04 [Preview] No.21261 del
>much like photoshop only with less work for the users and more advanced algorithms for editing
Not exactly. You can feed a description into A.I. image creating software and unique images will appear. Amount and size depends on RAM. Midjourney is temp free for a certain amount on Discord and then they charge. Stable Diffusion is free as well as a wide variety of checkpoints and textual inversions.

Reader 07/21/2023 (Fri) 19:45 Id: 957f4b [Preview] No.21262 del
For now.
I imagine soon will be tools that'll help drawing somehow, like changing areas intelligently, differentiating between fore- and background. Or whatnot. Already inpainting exists for these generative ML tools, dezgo has it I think.

Reader 09/07/2023 (Thu) 03:26 Id: b0a699 [Preview] No.21413 del
>This is only more proof Microsoft has no fucking idea what they're doing.

They're a trillion dollar company and most of their products are pretty bad. Maybe those monopoly deals they did a few decades ago helped them out in forcing people to use their OS

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