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Commiefornia, USSA: Victim Who Defended Store From Criminal Looter Faces Jail Time Reader 08/08/2023 (Tue) 14:40 Id: 39ab8c [Preview] No. 21317
Commiefornia, USSA: Victim Who Defended Store From Criminal Looter Faces Jail Time

Just when it appeared that a law abiding business owner had scored a victory against a scumbag shoplifter for once by subduing him with an almighty thrashing, the police have stepped in to criminally investigate the shopkeeper for assault.

KCRA.com reports that the clerk at a 7-Eleven in Stockton, Northern California, who was captured on video taking down a man threatening to pull a gun and filling up a barrel full of products to steal is now the one under investigation by the cops.

The would-be-thief had visited the store three times on the evening in question, each time threatening the shop keepers and stealing from them.

On the third attempt he got what was coming to him.

As we see time and again, police don’t even bother preventing robbery anymore, and now they’re treating business owners who are forced to defend themselves as the criminals, while the assailants have somehow become the victims.

When the government encourages lawlessness - as California clearly does - we are no longer witnessing mere property crimes. Instead, we are witnessing the slow death of the people whose property is under endless assault from brazen robbers who know that they cannot be touched.

For the Sikh men, the loss of a job during the shabby Biden economy has the real potential to mean the end of their lives: The end of their having a home, raising a family… heck, even feeding their family. When crime becomes the norm, everyone’s life is at stake.

But since this is California and, as in Superman’s Bizarro Land, everything is backward in the most evil way, I fully expect the robber to get a pass because “he’s been punished enough,” while the brave Sikhs who stepped up in a law-enforcement vacuum, find themselves caught in the California “justice” system.

Welcome to a third world failed state. Perhaps more business owners should take notice, and leave the shithole state before they too become victims.


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