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Bank Of America Ready To Collapse As Shareholders DUMP Everything Reader 08/08/2023 (Tue) 14:41 Id: f1c6b1 [Preview] No. 21318
Bank Of America Ready To Collapse As Shareholders DUMP Everything

In the last year, many Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) insiders sold a substantial stake in the company.

Knowing whether insiders are buying is usually more helpful when evaluating insider transactions, as insider selling can have various explanations. However, when multiple insiders sell stock over a specific duration, shareholders - and banking customers - should take notice as that could possibly be a red flag.

Over the last year, the biggest insider sale was by the President of Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Matthew Koder, for US$7.7m worth of shares, at about US$35.91 per share.

The last three months saw significant insider selling at Bank of America. In total, President of Regional Banking Dean Athanasia dumped US$2.4m worth of shares in that time, and we didn't record any purchases whatsoever.

In the last year Bank of America insiders didn't buy any company stock.

So "Insiders" sold stock recently, but they haven't been buying. Looking to the last twelve months, the data doesn't show any insider buying. What does THAT tell you?


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