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Welcome to hate jews /news/
The news nobody reads because they'd rather let jews lie to them
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(405.13 KB 538x602 End Times Cometh.png)
George Orwell Labeled Subversive, Jews for Peace Protest War, Putin Reminds US About Russian Aerospace Forces Near Middle East Reader 10/18/2023 (Wed) 21:51 Id: bde7ff [Preview] No. 21583
End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000116

End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000001-115

Jews for Peace Take Over US Capitol Building Protesting Endless War

The Israel's army has completed all preparations for the invasion of Gaza, Israeli Broadcasting Authority says, Al Arabiya reports.

US Vetoes UN Security Resolution Calling For Humanitarian Pauses in Gaza

Putin Gives The US A Tap On The Shoulder Over Middle East Aircraft Carriers
Putin reminded the world that Russian Aerospace Forces, specifically their MiG-31 aircraft, on routine patrol in the neutral air space of the Black Sea, are armed with Kinzal hypersonic missiles. Those missiles, he said, have a "known" range of 1,000km and travel at Mach 9 (6,750 MPH). Thus, they can reach those US Aircraft Carriers.

The Israel-Hamas conflict could spark a "nuclear war" if Iran races to build the bomb, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer has warned.

Other Communists Follow The Same Lawfare Playbook As Democrats Do In The USSA
They know people hate them so they can't win fair elections, they must lock their opponents up and rig elections to win!

Not a week goes by without Democrats weaponizing the federal government to silence their political opponents — and Monday’s court-mandated gag order on former President Donald Trump is no different.

Elon Musk Correctly Predicted Leftist Governments Would Try To Censor George Orwell
The British government recently considered his book predicting a future totalitarian dystopia subversive.

Reader 10/19/2023 (Thu) 11:36 Id: efb4e1 [Preview] No.21586 del
>Jews for Peace Take Over US Capitol Building
How much do you want to bet (((THEY))) won't be labeled the October 18th terrorists? Unlike with January 6th occupiers. I'm feeling good about this bet. Anyone want to lay $100 on the line?

Reader 10/19/2023 (Thu) 14:13 Id: 383d00 [Preview] No.21587 del
No, they won't be. It's only real conservatives that are the ones most prosecuted and sought after in the USSA. Political persecution is very real today. Someone recently got sentenced to jail for 7 months. You know what that innocent man did to get sentenced? He created a "mean meme" about Hillary Clinton. Did the judge even care about our 1st Amendment of the US Constitution which includes free speech and freedom of expression!? Nope! It's the USSA today, communist rule and occupation. One more reason I suggest never fighting for this corrupt government or their wars. I truly hope the House cannot vote in a speaker and the whole crooked government starts to shut down in November and furthermore.

Reader 10/20/2023 (Fri) 08:18 Id: efb4e1 [Preview] No.21595 del
If you're talking about Douglass Mackey, that was voter fraud. He deceived stupid Democrats into believing they could vote over the phone. He's the one guy who got 7 months imprisonment which came to my mind, unless you meant someone else. I don't believe he deserved prison for trolling gullible idiots.

Reader 10/20/2023 (Fri) 17:28 Id: 383d00 [Preview] No.21597 del
OK, perhaps I was wrong and did not know the full details about his case. However, I'm so sick and tired of the extremely bias and hostile "Justice" system in America today. It's become too political. Voter fraud, no matter what political faction may have engaged in it, should be thoroughly investigated in a non-bias manner and prosecuted if proven. Also, no one should have the right to charge or prosecute someone for simply questioning voter fraud or election integrity which is what has been happening to a lot of conservatives. When you see this kind of bias it's hard to trust these people at face value.

Reader 10/20/2023 (Fri) 23:03 Id: 0a7fd2 [Preview] No.21599 del
Fuck all Jews Niggers Spics Asians and women. This is an oil board with nothing but facts hippies and their green peace are not allowed. Love you boys. Kill all Jews!

Reader 10/20/2023 (Fri) 23:23 Id: 0a7fd2 [Preview] No.21600 del
This is old red himself you boys are alright I been watching for a while. Look people talk alot of shit about everything kill the Jews. I have Hamas attacking Israel already. Jews are parasites. Time to take our country back. Minorities are gollums for Jews. It all started back when Abram had inbred sex with his half sister sirai. Inbreeding is why they're like that. Israelis are your enemies Hebrews are not.

Reader 10/21/2023 (Sat) 02:03 Id: efb4e1 [Preview] No.21602 del
>asians and women
This is a National Socialist board, m8. Our regular who posts here isn't NS, but that's still what it is.
>Kill all Jews!
National Socialists didn't really try that. The jewish holocaust was a fraud.

>I have Hamas attacking Israel already
You have? You? Specifically? Well damn, son. If you have that kind of pull, I've got a whole plan I need to share with you about an underground resistance with various important skills to take back nations from ZOG. Israelis are really helping bring both the left and right together in equal disgust lately.

>Israelis are your enemies Hebrews are not
All jews have innate hatred for the Aryan (white people). I have almost discovered vile plans from every single one of them I've dug dirt on. A wide array of celebrities, politicians, and especially world leaders. There is one Hebe I never found dirt on. A singer from "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles. But I won't defend the kike just because of that. If anyone has bad news about Susanna Hoffs, bring it forward. Atrocities are invented from jewish minds because those minds are violent and depraved. When meanwhile, they commit actual atrocities. Many of them don't like Netanyahu and the murderous IDF simply because they make the Hebes look as bad as they really are. You won't last long trying to defend some jews over others on this board. Or you know, /pol/. I moderate both.


Reader 10/21/2023 (Sat) 12:11 Id: 51b25b [Preview] No.21604 del
Look all those psyop are from Jews the biggest psyop they run is false opposition. It's like how they ran that isis op and swore to stop them. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service more like lies. War is a racket son. Think derivatives for truth. It's always the economy. Oh PS I don't care about political view. Just don't ask me for money. I ain't paying Jew nonsense. GDP is a hundred trillion a year. 80 trillion Swift 20 trillion BRICS. Starting in January it's 64 trillion Swift 36 trillion BRICS. It's about the money.

Reader 10/22/2023 (Sun) 12:16 Id: efb4e1 [Preview] No.21612 del
If you mean National Socialist Germany, then no. It was never a psyop for jews. More like a scapegoat. Before I address the rest, are you still "old red"? The IP changed or you're a different person.

Reader 02/01/2024 (Thu) 07:12 Id: 7f16e9 [Preview] No.22039 del
Wtf you're attacking like 50% of Hitler's allies m8
I smell a JIDF (not saying I'm right but damn son it seems like it)

Reader 02/01/2024 (Thu) 13:07 Id: efb4e1 [Preview] No.22040 del
(72.16 KB 721x493 4.jpg)
(512.35 KB 1187x3363 truth5.jpg)
(525.99 KB 1186x1902 truth6.jpg)
(756.31 KB 868x4056 truth10.jpg)
Yeah, Hebrews are the enemy. "Big red" sounds like a down south brainwashed by jews type anyway. My old man was similar. He was a good old boy cowboy type who fell for race baiting.
>jews asians spics and women
Only one of these four are the enemy and it's pretty clear which. I'm glad you're putting to use images I posted. Here. Take some more facts.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 02/01/2024 (Thu) 13:34.

Reader 02/01/2024 (Thu) 13:11 Id: efb4e1 [Preview] No.22041 del
(957.99 KB 1902x3052 truth106f.jpg)
(1.79 MB 1056x2880 1510724279786.png)
(26.83 KB 540x540 21.jpg)
(74.24 KB 576x800 53.jpg)
(35.61 KB 600x600 54.jpg)

Reader 02/01/2024 (Thu) 13:38 Id: efb4e1 [Preview] No.22042 del

Reader 02/02/2024 (Fri) 06:56 Id: 7f16e9 [Preview] No.22043 del
Thank you for these

Reader 02/02/2024 (Fri) 07:00 Id: 7f16e9 [Preview] No.22044 del
What makes it even sadder is that it wasn't just Communists vs Nationalists, it was Communists vs CHRISTIANS. China has long been known as the country with (one of) the most Christians, and (((they))) were having none of it. Communism must be exterminated.

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