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(167.25 KB 847x566 Culturally-Enriched.jpg)
Israel And Ukraine War Updates, US Ponders Wagner-Israel Confrontation, Explosive Devices Found At US Border Reader 11/02/2023 (Thu) 19:35 Id: fe4075 [Preview] No. 21664
End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000156

Rumors That US Government Officials From Washington DC Heading To Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunkers
I pass this along with the full Disclaimer that I have not (yet) verified these claims. But if he's right, then time is of the essence and all of YOU should know.

US Ponders Wagner-Israel Confrontation?
Wagner Group, the Russian paramilitary organization, plans to provide an air-defense system to Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia, US officials say, citing intelligence.

Israeli forces have deployed robots and various explosive devices to destroy Hamas tunnels and kill terrorists, according to local media. The Walla News site in Israel said large-scale operations to clear the tunnels began in areas of the Gaza Strip now under the control of the IDF.

Israeli Army Releases Videos Showing Interception Of Houthi Missiles

Saraya Al-Quds Release Video Of Fighters Confronting Zionist Ground Invasion Forces With Heavy Mortar Fire

Zelensky Blasted As Closest Aide Claims Ukraine Is Not Winning War With Russia

Many Ukrainian servicemen who were captured or voluntarily surrendered on the battlefields express a desire to serve in the ranks of the Russian army.

India Swaps Russian Crude For Saudi Oil As Discount Dwindles

Republicans Raise Alarm After Illegal Immigrants Caught With Explosive Devices

Reader 11/03/2023 (Fri) 03:50 Id: c12991 [Preview] No.21666 del
(204.76 KB 618x964 missing-uranium.jpg)
(458.11 KB 2461x1522 numec.jpg)
(385.50 KB 1018x410 1412624412.png)
This is your reminder that Israel has nukes. Their Samson Option was the result of theft of uranium. JFK was killed for insisting on investigating this among other reasons. Be aware, the U.S.A. and many other nations would not retaliate should Israel decide to nuke certain locations within these nations' territory. Every shill would take to the news and claim the attack from Israel was false and it's really [insert scapegoat here]. They're all cucked.

If an American state is nuked, I have to wonder if anyone would even lift a finger. Maybe just whine about it for decades like the USS Liberty.

Reader 11/03/2023 (Fri) 10:52 Id: 5b1add [Preview] No.21667 del
>If an American state is nuked, I have to wonder if anyone would even lift a finger. Maybe just whine about it for decades like the USS Liberty.

I would never whine, I would just shrug and tell people "well I told you so!" People who know me already know I'm pretty "blackpilled" as anons like to say.

Reader 11/03/2023 (Fri) 10:55 Id: 5b1add [Preview] No.21668 del
That missing uranium scandal is interesting by the way, I would not doubt it considering what Israel did with Operation Northwoods.

Reader 11/03/2023 (Fri) 13:49 Id: c12991 [Preview] No.21671 del
I meant the victims of the USS Liberty attack. They seem to have thought they could go public on mainstream social media platforms without being censored. I know, in 2023 that's "victim blaming". But the difference between a victim and a winner or martyr is fighting back. Not with words or peaceful protests. "Be civilized" only means submit.
I'd post the video, but Endchan apparently can't take a 149MB webm anymore.

Reader 01/30/2024 (Tue) 05:41 Id: 6b13c2 [Preview] No.22019 del
(29.52 KB 680x680 Super Rare Pepe.jpg)
>JFK was killed for insisting on investigating this among other reasons.
If only more people knew this. But NOOO that would be "anti-Afro-Asiatic", unlike bombing actual Semites like say, Palestinians, right (((gaystream media))) -_-

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