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(103.85 KB 839x806 corruption crisis.jpg)
1.1% Of Global Population Controls Global Economy, Neo-cons Prove Their Allegiance To Satan, Perpetual War For Control Reader 11/12/2023 (Sun) 12:47 Id: e1c9de [Preview] No. 21719
End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000187

Neo-con RINOs Prove Their Allegiance To Satan!
RNC Tells Republicans If They Attend Christian Forum They'll Be BANNED!
They hate our 1st Amendment and they love war. No different than most the Democrats at this point. "Democracy" is a FRAUD and a sadistic JOKE in the USSA! Boycott military service and any future draft!

Government Says Americans Are Stupid Because We Do Not Like Their Economic Disasterpiece
Why even ask if you don't care about public opinion?

Moody’s Cuts Outlook On US Government Debt To Negative

The highest wealth rung controls $208.3 trillion in wealth, or 45.8% of the global total. Just 1.1% of the world adult population fall in this bracket.

Good Samaritan Arrested After Stopping NYC Subway Assault By Firing Warning Shots
MY COMMENT: Many cities like New York are no longer part of real America!

American Volunteers Flock To Help Israeli Families After Hamas Massacre

Israel Is Now Threatening To CARPET BOMB Other Nations & Their Civilians Too

Despotic Oligarchy Needs Perpetual War To Stay In Power

Reader 11/12/2023 (Sun) 23:03 Id: 4a1aff [Preview] No.21721 del
(1018.76 KB 280x258 gross.gif)
That typical NY Post article. Funny how these pieces of shit don't care about Palestinian lives. Oh wait. Let me get those names.
>(((Schuyler))) Gordon
>Dr. Zev Neuwirth ((("It’s about our blood and our right to exist")))
>Reuben Taub (((I was in synagogue when the sirens went off" - "I have a home in Jerusalem and my daughter, Melissa, lives in Tel Aviv.")))
>Josh Levine ((("my brother-in-law Dovid Goldstein and I flew to Israel")))
>Three of the Christian cowboys — Zeke Strain, John Plocher, (((Yosef))) Strain
>(((Menachem Geisinsky)))
>Ella Morgenstern ((("The idea is to reinforce our Jewish heritage")))
I'm seeing a clear racial bias here.

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