/Pol/ Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 01:25:21 No.10517 del
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Delete it. Not even shitposting.

I can't imagine any other imageboards that are as good as this one. It takes the user-created boards idea and merges it with a clean responsive administrative side and a unique userbase.

Now that 8chan fell, the (literal, i'll get to this later) retards from /pol/ have come here to shit up all of the major boards. If you look to the left of this post, you will see the pinned /pol/ containment thread from over two fucking years ago. The word Nigger has unironically been used on multiple major boards. Why?
Their existence jeopardizes the existence of all of the other boards. /b/, /tech/, /librejp/, /yuri/, /ausneets/, and others. It is not a question of if a terrorist post will happen, but when, and whether it is genuine or by some troll, it is going to have a negative effect, for this website, and for its users.
Balrog/Odilitime, when shit hits the fan, Gov is coming for you guys as the site owners. You can bet they're going to try hard to intimidate you to hand over the website data, if they don't just get a warrant/subpoena for it. You saw what happened to 8chan, and its reputation due to these events:
>"A site for right-wing domestic terrorists to congregate and plot their shootings, cheer each other on, and upload their blood-thirsty manifestos about The Great Replacement, a “venomous refuge” of “extremist hate.”" -MSM
And it is likely the same will be said about endchan if this doesn't stop.
/pol/ doesn't care about this website, it is another bunker for them to use. They believe that they are changing the world, uncovering corruption, and fighting the evils of the government when they can barely unite into a sizable force.
Tell me, is trolling CNN and stealing flags an effective method of influence? Barely anyone takes them seriously. Nothing more than armchair political scientists and blindly hateful people.

Your choice admins. I've been here since 2016, and I don't want this place to fall for something as retarded as an individual terrorist.