Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 16:42:43 No.10678 del
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Ron did tweet about a "Project Odin" which I'm assuming is referring to the new imageboard, and would definitely account for the multiple missed deadlines in getting the goddamned thing back up. Pandering to Q circlejerkers will backfire, though. One of 8ch's biggest boards they might have been, but they're not enough to have an adequately-sized website without it being a hole-in-the-wall like 8ch used to be before /pol/ and /v/ migrations.

There's trust issues now as well; people DO NOT want Hotwheels associated with 8ch after what he did with it in the final months of his ownership of it. Suddenly after months of on-and-off complaining about what 8ch had become he's associated with the new project and very excited about it, making sure to be one of the first to tweet about 8ch being dead and never coming back? Get fuckin' real, Fred, people trust you as far as they can throw you.