Come to think of it, a Viper nurse is even finer, too-er. Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 21:06:51 No.10704 del
>Totally not transgender. Right? Guys?
Well, /tg/ did involve wanting to be the little girl, in a certain sense, once upon a time.

Endchan's original version of /tg/ is an object lesson in how not to do it. Once, a long long time ago, the board was, and was quite slow and struggling. It puttered along as most Endchan boards did around that time. There wasn't much for the BO to do in this situation, so things drifted along. Someone else stepped up to the plate as BO and knew the situation would not resolve itself without extreme changes. So they took over. Step one was obvious, WE MUST HAVE A BOARD JUST LIKE ALL THE REST! So, they added rules, rules, rules, and more rules. The boards user base gasped and fell flat. Oh. Maybe we need just cut one rule and keep the rest?

Endchan /tg/ went tits up and never recovered.

Presumably, you don't have a preexisting group willing to make this their port of call. That means you need to grow the user base completely from scratch. So allow me to crank up the old Victrola and play my broken record posted on many an occasion across many another site.

1. Get an activist BO willing to do all this stupid shit from the start.
1a. They need to understand pacing. Some activity on the board every two to three days is all that is needed from them.
2. Rules: "Follow the global rules." Period. That. Is. It.
2a. You will never compete with "all the rules all the time" versions of /tg/ everywhere else.
2b. If the board is set for SFW, ignore it. Don't mention it, don't offer to spoiler content, don't do anything with that at all. If people bitch about it ignore them. If the site administration bitches about it, tell them to reset the fucking thing back to NSFW where it belongs.
2c. This means you are going to see some elf tits, quests, romancing the cutebold quests, and an occasional XCom Viper cosplaying nurse femdom fan-fiction. That's if you are lucky. If you are not lucky, ALL you will get are people whining for more rules. Ignore them. Press on. Allow the board culture to create and sustain itself.

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