Anonymous Global volunteer 11/01/2020 (Sun) 08:50:16 No.11352 del
Yes, thank you.
Just report them, we'll get to it soon. Maybe immediately, worst 8 hours later. But usually one of us always haunt the boards. Consider reporting those posts to both BOs and globals.

Images can't be banned as of now. It's not easy to implement that.

Tor spam got cut back considerably. While back it was possible due to an exploit to go through the board list and post a spam on every board relatively easy. Now only a handful of boards are effected. Spamming with Tor can be frustrating, due to flood detection setting, and the captchas (we advise to set it for thread creation). Deleting them is way easier, way less work.
Besides we are doing other stuff to frustrate spammers on the long run.
Also oftentimes we catch the spammer right at the moment he posts, and in those cases he usually gives up after a couple of posts, or even one.
We are appreciating every bit of help users give with letting us know what's going on.