Anonymous 12/21/2020 (Mon) 13:44:12 No.11426 del
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inb4 off topic'd and responded way too late
the english speaking imageboard sites posted are exactly that fren:)
>"garden site" will never get vanned due to their following of US law. im not a fan, but they toe the line like
thanks for visting /404/ btw!
the poster or "(OP)" of those imageboard threads hides behind a boat load of proxies and will never stop listing new and exciting imageboards until he tires of it. i know him and he's not a bad person or a shill(in the traditional sense). he just does god's work by compiling/updating sites i would have never heard of otherwise.
>thinks he's a "BO" here aka /ii/
bretty sure he is not an owner of anything on endchan tbh