Anonymous 01/04/2022 (Tue) 21:09:10 No.11903 del
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>Sounds like Tor being Tor.
no, it doesn't, it sounds like endchan being endchan, i know of no other onion site that has this PERSISTENT issue

>You bet on 6 nodes to be constantly stable, while relays go on/off all the time.
you are bullshiting or trolling
1) it's exceedingly rare that a relay just assigned to you goes down in the middle of a connection (they are monitored for uptime, and you typically only get assigned the stable ones)
2) i told you that this HAPPENS REPEATEDLY: it's cosmically unlikely that your assigned relays keep going down EVERY FEW SECONDS OR MINUTES
3) no, this is simply not the case: i have checked in the circuit graph and relays are not going down because after you resume the interrupted download the same one is selected. also, no, it is not a case of bad relays because after selecting a different circuit (even a different guard) the problem persists
4) it doesn't happen with other sites plus other people confirmed it >>9787, including an admin >>9997, so it's not something on my end, it's something server side

>Try using Lokinet
fix the god-damn site