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>All Tor posters counts as one
HiddenServiceExportCircuitID protocol
The onion service will use the given protocol to expose the global circuit identifier
of each inbound client circuit. The only protocol supported right now 'haproxy'. This
option is only for v3 services. (Default: none)

The haproxy option works in the following way: when the feature is enabled, the Tor
process will write a header line when a client is connecting to the onion service. The
header will look like this:

"PROXY TCP6 fc00:dead:beef:4dad::ffff:ffff ::1 65535 42\r\n"

We encode the "global circuit identifier" as the last 32-bits of the first IPv6
address. All other values in the header can safely be ignored. You can compute the
global circuit identifier using the following formula given the IPv6 address

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