Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 11:09 No.19098 del
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Hello, i'm here again for more problems
lately the moderation action of spoilering images isn't working anymore

before it worked like this:
-post images inside a thread appear as spoilered right after spoilering them by moderation
-OP images didn't spoiler right away after getting spoilered by moderation, but the change appeared only after the catalog got refreshed by a new thread or an other thread bump

how it works now:
-OP images remain unspoilered after getting marked as spoiler by moderation actions, and even after a catalog refresh the OP image remains unspoilered

examples (nsfw bot spam)
the image in that thread op was already spoilered by moderation actions, but it's yet not spoilered even after the catalog did change
this same bot spammer thread had the image just deleted because this no-spoiler issue started to be noticeable yesterday
>>>/dump/432 this was the first occurrence of this same bot spammer

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