Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 11:54 No.19102 del
>Why would you ban illegal content but not delete it?
1) in the short term, spoilering rule-breaking images allows me to extract as much information from the bot post to better fine tune the anti-spam filters, while saving my mind from having to continuosly see mindrot images
2) in the long term, every illegal image and every post feeds into the r9k filter, building up an automatic and passive resistance for the board even when i'm not around, lessening the human moderation workload (it's building up an immunity system)
2b) having an automatic immunity system for a board doesn't reduce to zero the spam, but it makes it more annoying and more burdersome for any spammer to carry on their activities, i just like to spite the fuckers
3) allowing rulebreaking content to remain undeleted on the board, but spoilered so to avoid gore/porn shock flashing and saving the eyes of the random and innocent board visitor, allows any random board tourist to evalue by themselves how much the board is currently under attack from bots or from shills; i'd rather the random visitors to see what is really going on in the board even if that means having it more messy, rather than having the board be always perfectly tidy while the visitors have no clue of the minefield they are walking on (this reason also runs on the assumption that i'm fully expecting lots of spam to come to the board later on as the board progresses, and i'm trying to anticipate it in any way possible)

There are then few other reasons of lesser importance, but those run more on wishful thinking on my part than anything, so they're unimportant compared to the first ones.
Mainly because of (2) and (3) it's /dump/ board policy to never delete any post and any image, even when they are rule breaking, but to only spoiler them (as a soft removal) and to remove the malicious links, except in extreme cases where deletion is the only reasonable option.
For those reasons, I would very much like to still have the ability to spoiler OP images, which currently seems to be bugged.