Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 22:57 No.19107 del
Your tests seem to confirm the issue is limited to /dump/
I've tried to spoiler a new thread and the op image isn't spoilered after action, so the bug on /dump/ is still unresolved

wonder what may have changed in the board to generate this bug,
the custom css has not been changed in a long time, and the first case of the spoiler action not working was after the last css change, so the custom css shouldn't be the reason (i'll go check any css irregularities just to be sure)

For the record, I've noticed for the first time the spoiler-mod-action not working only yesterday, but what caused this bug may have happened before that, since the last spoilered thread was some time before that
The possible timeframe in which the bug did happen should be between:
02/10/2024 >>>/dump/1104 (the first time the spoiler action didn't work)
02/06/2024 >>>/dump/818 (the last time the spoiler action did work)

Ah I get it, I'll remove anything too questionable as to don't create problems for the site