Anonymous 06/03/2024 (Mon) 23:40 No.19283 del
>in the /baaa2/ board

ah hah, the fucking board owner of that board man.

Some backstory for anons who don't know about him: EndChan used to have a /baaa/ board that was owned by some random drawfag. The owner of the /ba2/ board had a problem with some random dude drawing things and minding his own business in his own board, so he decided to speend months to a year spamming and flooding his board on EndChan almost every single day. IP hopping a lotta times, then being a real prick by pretending to care about the guy in some posts after he flooded the board.

So the /baaa/ owner just got rid of the board. The owner of /ba2/, being the schizo piece of shit that he is, decided to add insult to injury by making a board making fun of the guy and the things he drew. I think the /baaa/ board was the first board owner here who was pretty much forcibly kicked out of his own board in EndChan's history, for doing literally nothing wrong.

I don't know if the drawfag anon is still on Endchan's discord or whatever the staff uses to talk here, but if any of the Global mods/vols reach out to him, he can pretty much confirm that it all happened to him.

Oh and P.S: A lot of the spam that the /baaa2/ mod posted here was literal Cee and Pee. And I mean he posted a lot of CP. You can see it in the logs if you dig back a little.