Anonymous 02/14/2018 (Wed) 00:48:21 No.8296 del
Have you ever contributed to the news board? I have, and I have had no problem. If you have not contributed then you have no right to shout about censorship: [contribution is NOT posting dick pics or indian poo threads just to be clear about that.] And you can question my 'credentials' all you want. I've done drywall patching and replacements before, as well as shingling, building porches and pouring cement mix. Never have been an expert, never claimed to be perfect at it but I've done that kind of work before and typically it turns out fine.

This. I don't consider myself a nazi, nor do I support communism either. I post a lot of news threads over at /news/ and I simply consider myself independent. I don't like the two party system very much, too corrupt and very un-American.