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(97.82 KB 213x416 mazino.png)
Last 50 Anonymous 01/23/2017 (Mon) 06:27:18 [Preview] No. 5621
Anyway to implement a last 50 feature for threads? Particularly longer general threads with a lot of files Lynxchan loads them rather weird and makes the thread hard to navigate as it keeps pushin shit around idk enuff bout dat internet tho maybe.

odilitime Board owner 01/23/2017 (Mon) 16:11:23 [Preview] No. 5624 del
Yes but that really wouldn't fix the funky loading. The funky loading is already fixed for new posts. I just need to modify EVERY post on the site without breaking it, so may take a bit. But thread watcher and last 50 are coming (but last 50 maybe JS only features initially)

Anonymous 01/23/2017 (Mon) 16:34:22 [Preview] No. 5626 del
>I just need to modify EVERY post on the site without breaking it, so may take a bit.
You just need to give the thumbs a minimum size on the css, I already told you that.

odilitime Board owner 01/23/2017 (Mon) 16:42:21 [Preview] No. 5627 del
thumbnails don't have a fixed size. Some are tall, some are width, so can't use a minimum width or height.

Anonymous 01/23/2017 (Mon) 21:19:53 [Preview] No. 5629 del
So at worst a FEW thumbs get a little bigger than they should.

Are you SURE its a better course of action to alter EVERY SINGLE TITTY FUCKING post on the site than having a little extra space here and there?

Anonymous 01/24/2017 (Tue) 23:55:08 [Preview] No. 5640 del
the point of having the correct width and height to prevent the page from jumping around on loading. If you over estimate the height it'll make the page jump. We could set a fix height but that breaks the vertical compactness of image boards.

Anonymous 09/08/2017 (Fri) 02:28:54 [Preview] No. 7038 del
(977.88 KB 1080x1920 10pnz53g66zy.png)

odilitime Board volunteer 09/08/2017 (Fri) 14:30:33 [Preview] No. 7040 del
Looked into this. I can do a list 50 and display them on a board page (where there's normally 5) but I can't currently make a page where the last 50 will take you to a thread page and only see the last 50 replies (like 8chan).

I'll request Lynx to put that in 1.9

odilitime Board volunteer 09/08/2017 (Fri) 15:16:52 [Preview] No. 7041 del
Lynx said:
>if the user doesn't have low bandwidth he doesn't care. if the user has js or is not using web he could use the json and be fine
>you are talking about a completely new page rendering to solve a non-issue.
>your group of users that don't have doesn't exist.

odilitime Board volunteer 09/08/2017 (Fri) 18:15:54 [Preview] No. 7043 del
patched up something with JavaScript for now.

Anonymous 09/08/2017 (Fri) 20:22:24 [Preview] No. 7046 del
thank you
>your group of users that don't have doesn't exist.
I'll try turning off JS for endchan.

Anonymous 09/11/2017 (Mon) 02:48:15 [Preview] No. 7063 del
I was talking about users without compression, odili failed @ reading comprehension during that convo.

Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 19:54:22 [Preview] No. 7082 del
How does compression help noJS users again for last 50?

Anonymous 09/15/2017 (Fri) 15:49:05 [Preview] No. 7085 del
It doesn't, I was referring to people who do have js.

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