Endwall 07/05/2020 (Sun) 21:59:54 No.1550 del
Related concepts

Privacy: clean computing, no malware, no keylogging, no system logging. No shoulder surfing. No cameras in your room. No microphones in your room. No screen captures. No position tracking. Public Key Cryptography for messaging (RSA).

Security: Strong passwords, username/password access authentication, file permissions, Strong Encryption, Encrypted file systems, Encrypted files and folders. Firewalls, Access Control. Physical locks on your room, front door, windows, bars on the windows, physical key lock on the computer.

Anonymity: Face masks, hoodies, wigs and sunglasses, motor cycle helmets, black track suits, camouflage. Tor, I2P, Proxies. Typewriters, cork bulletin boards with tacks and push tacks, No cameras, no voice recognition, no facial recognition. Dead drops of floppy disks and USB sticks, SD cards. Sneaker nets. Voice modulation/ modification dsp technologies, talking like Batman etc. Text to speech...etc.

I feel that personal computing privacy is the root of the other two concepts. If there is a key logger or other related malware on your system (screen shot grabbers etc), your passwords are not secure (system and encryption), your actions and intentions are known, and your "Anonymous" discussions online through IM and message board posting, and potentially offline (dead dropping your manifesto that you typed on your computer) are also observable.

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