Endwall 07/13/2020 (Mon) 02:40:39 No.1553 del
$ endget "http://4l2dgddgsrkf2ous66i6seeyi6etzfgrue332grh2n7madpwopotugyd.onion/search?q=RC2014&page=2" -O webpage2.html.gz
$ endget "http://4l2dgddgsrkf2ous66i6seeyi6etzfgrue332grh2n7madpwopotugyd.onion/search?q=RC2014&page=3" -O webpage3.html.gz
$ gunzip *.gz

You need the quotes for it to work, but this is an acceptable method for searching for youtube videos from the terminal. I've also made a tool called ytsrx.sh that performs a search using youtube-dl from the command line behind torsocks. Forked from tubesearch. Available in the usual locations.