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Do you advocate for ignorance and letting them run free instead?
>Playing everything down seems like your favorite thing.
And blowing things out of proportion without cause seems to be yours.
>Matthew 5:17.
That's about the law. Not the lore. And puns aside, it's hard to take the Torah/Septuagint too seriously when it describes events which took place centuries earlier without any other record.
>Was this about me or Christians?
Sorry, forgot. The point is that most Christians aren't literalists. That's really just an American affliction. Elsewhere we're able to let it stand on it's actual merits.
>It's really not looking good for you or freemasons.
First of all, not many Masons actually pursue things like that, which is actually a shame. And secondly, what sense is there in not knowing as much as you can? I've done just as much, if not more, exploration into eastern religious systems as well. My Hindu shelf is quite big. So is the Taoist one. Doesn't mean i subscribe to them, just that i wanted to know for myself what they were. Hell, i don't even like that i had to read translations, because that means trusting the translator and publisher to not have an agenda.
>Rather defensive about that jewish "holy book", wouldn't you say?
Absolutely. And any book. Truth will out. It's like the old people on facebook who post made up quotes from the Quran to make Islam look bad. People like that bolster the opposition, because they can say, "oh look, they're relying on fake shit to attack. Clearly we're much nicer." Whereas if they just did the research themselves and took from the actual source, the opposition has no defense.
>He doesn't quote Hamas
You're right, he doesn't, but the quote is misattributed to them quite often.
"Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, was quoted by the New York Times in 1948 as saying “If the Jewish state becomes a fact, and this is realized by the Arab peoples, they will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea.”"
>Chris is a traitor

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