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I always wish Hitler would have held off on attacking the Soviet Union until he had the rest of Europe squared away first.

Instead of letting the British slip away at Dunkirk he should've kept the pressure on causing the British to capitulate. He had the chance to take out the Brits then and there which would've altered America's eventual involvement in the war. Germany was seen as an absolutely unstoppable force at that point in the war, it more than likely would've been easy to get Britain to put down arms or perhaps even eventually take up arms with Germany, his eventual end game for the world did have the interests of the British people in mind, definitely much more so than the current state of the UK with it's open borders, and caliphate-tier multicultural shit show it finds itself in now. Then once all those ducks were in a row THEN invade Poland and Russia. He allowed Germany to become spread too thin and he created his military's own fracture point by opening the Eastern front too early. That's really the only gripe I've ever had with anything Hitler did.

If I could back to any point in time it would be back to just before the outbreak of WW2 and it would be to stop Hitler before making that mistake. Communism needed to be taken care of, but in hindsight he definitely made a absolutely monumental mistake in the route he decided to take to get to that end.