Anonymous 03/16/2019 (Sat) 06:35:54 Id: 73c380 No.70946 del
I could definitely see the ZOG coming up with something like this. Shooting up a mosque is great for them because it strikes fear into the muzzies, ends up in dead brown people, further divides the population of various Western countries, and also adds fuel to the fire of western countries vs. islam as a whole. I mean, you want your enemies to keep fighting amongst themselves rather than realizing what's actually going on and coming after the real bad guys. Although on that same train of thought this faggot could have just been mentally retarded and fell hard for the psyops shit on 8chan and carried this out on his own, which is a desired effect of some of the shit they run on that site. I remember I use to see threads all the time trying to goad people into doing something like this, usually posted right as the work day would've been starting in Tel Aviv and Shlomo would've been sitting down at his keyboard to start his workday.

Dude could've also just been legit Ultra'd, which would fall under the underbrella of it being a ZOG op. All you gotta do is sign up for the wrong clinical research trial and before you know it you've been turned into a potential mass shooter.