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Here is my ideas for a game: it is an open world horror game

you play as a homeless guy who is a drug dealer/junkie, and gambling addict, someone who recently stole from a dead body to sustain his vices, all around scumbag, the game begins when you die, turns out, you stole from the wrong body (which belonged to you best friend who recently OD'd while in a car with you, you didn't know he was doing a job as a courier when he chanced to see you), first, you get stabbed, then you are caught wandering around and shot to pieces. Then the horror begins.

it appears that your soul is destined for hell, even though you protest that you weren't a bad person. however, lucky (or or rather unlucky) you, your soul is one of the rare types that gets to avoid their fate and become a ghost instead (at last for awhile).

You get picked up by two of the older varieties of ghost, whose astral forms are now changed to the point where they are completely unrecognizable as having ever been human, might as well be demons. they decide to fix you up, and teach you about the new world, your new abilities, etc.

the two ghosts first try to talk to you while you are dying, but not dead yet, but they realize that it's not simple shock they are dealing with, but "all the shit in his veins", "bleed it out of him", and this is the first demonstration of a ghost's power, they cause your veins to expel lots of blood and all the drugs at once.

the game is set in las vegas and the broader nevada, the world of the dead las vegas, you can look around and talk to the other unfortunate souls around, do quests, etc.

everything you do in this world affects you, including the way you look, most of the older ghosts no longer even resemble the humans they used to, and look all sorts of weird, they also are the most powerful around here, it's the rare ghost who survives for long.

even rarer is the one who keeps their sanity, you mind is also affected, and some of the "monsters" you will face, are old ghosts whose minds have twisted to the point of madness.

also, who becomes a ghost is seemingly random, it's a rare event, but there seems to be no clear pattern of who is so unfortunate to find themselves wandering the dusk, some are the type to have just become quite inhuman right off the bat when they die, there does seem to be a tie between trauma or intense emotions and become a ghost, but it's no guarantee, and there are also those who lived ordinary lives yet found themselves lost after death.

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