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second, you need to deal with "reapers", these are otherworldly spirits that come to collect lost souls, no one knows where they take you, they aren't judges, merely transporters charged with cleanup work, these aren't your typical hooded skeletons, either, they can take any form they wish, and alter the landscape of this realm for their purposes, they are smart, and know everything about their designated target, often using their abilities to "persuade" the soul into collection, they can take the form of the ghost of your childhood crush who has always felt the same way, you reconnect and now she's inviting you for a dance. or maybe you wake up in bed, it was all a bad dream, and your mother is calling you to breakfast. but for you, you have no such pleasant memories, and that's okay, your reaper can do their thing with the horrible traumas you gone through, they can even up it for good effect.

the reaper segments are the most surreal and terrifying parts of the game, but also a place for your character's backstory to be revealed, discovering how a sweet young boy turned into such a loser. It's also a place for redemption (face the past, admit your guilt, show yourself as willing to change), further damnation (fuck it, this world was terrible to you, so you need to be even worse to it, be glad of the sins you committed, it was not only their fault, but they deserved it too, it was my life, I could do with it whatever I wanted! whose to say I loved it wrong? #noguiltnoshame), or simple survival (just trying to get through the encounter, not getting involved in the "plot" of these illusions borne of events past, just play like a typical survival horror), each of which can make you stronger, so even though these encounters are risky and intended to be harrowing, surviving them is also rewarding.

your reaper cannot be killed, and will always follow you around throughout the game, the reaper is more of a haunting event than a being, so rather than a nemesis-like character stalking you, it's more like mobile hallucinations, or a pocket dimension following you around, you can be in one and not even realize it until things turn really trippy, so you don't even know when you are being tested.