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finally, there are other creatures lurking this world, all kinds, be it strange, grotesque, creepy, beautiful, etc. not all are friendly, in fact, there are many which would like nothing more then to consume your soul. these beings are the native inhabitants of the duskworld, borne from the minds of the living, or they are borne from the souls that find themselves lost here. most of them can be friendly and even useful, some are intelligent and can act as npc's proper (though they can also be enemies), others are animals, and others are relentless predatory monsters that are always hostile.

the world of the dead is itself a living creature, initially a straight reflection of the living world, it has changed over time, different areas of it have changed in different ways, producing wildly variable environs to explore, the creatures native to this landscape are it's "children", and which creatures you find change according to the area as well.

the duskworld is based off of the real world, but has twisted so much over time that you need to look to find the similarities, the world of the dead has lots of unique features that can be useful to you, resources to be harvested, hazards to be avoided, items to be looted, etc.

you get access to weapons and armor, and powers, which grow over time, you can even reenter the world of the living and pretend to be alive again, or do so by possessing someone and living as them for a bit, this is the most useful ability, but interacting with the real world it draws all sorts of the worst attention to you, so only do it if you are sure you won't get caught.

speaking of which, those bastards that killed you, you can haunt their asses and even kill them once you get powerful enough, in fact, the game's main plot will require you to do some haunting of the real world, and will include the possibility of using certain abilities of yours to kill some mortals, or you can simply become physical, or possess someone and use that body to do it in the normal sense too (shooting them, etc.) but where is the fun in that? you want to make the walls bleed, drag some shmuck screaming down to hell, and shit like that.

remember, that this is chance for you to redeem yourself or to damn yourself even further, so just because you could, should you? (we'll make doing good things with the powers look cool as well, so don't worry)

as I said, this is a horror game, everything from the environment, creatures, characters, items, equipment, and even the character themselves is intended to be freaky in one sense or another. that doesn't necessarily mean "ugly", in fact, a gore-fest this will not be, rather, you will be entering many different situations and contexts, each with element multiple different types of horror.

some are more psychological, other more visceral, others more surreal, and others appear nice but unsettling, all kinds of horror, but all are meaningful, and have a reason to be the way they are.