Anonymous 05/22/2020 (Fri) 22:44:09 Id: b1878f No.80029 del
>The repeated messages spammer? I've been banning the piece of shit. He evades and shills his crap again. I'll just delete his messages.

(((That guy))) is on a payroll to spam here. Best to delete anything you see and not get him get any money of his posts

Although, I was thinking about something when I remembered the Iran attacks that happened a few months ago:

Why is he pretending to be Chinese here all the time? On such a slow board. Could it be him doing a test run for the next "scapegoat"? Funny how he started doing it just a few short months before corona happened? He's just a lowly stooge so I doubt he knows everything, but there could be more to this. I've also noticed a few agitation posts being done to invade China in the last few weeks.

Again, just thinking out loud