Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 20:16:12 Id: 233324 No.80049 del
> Alex Jones is alternative media.
No he isn't, he wants you to vote for Trump, he is controlled opposition.
Voting any candidate is voting for the Federal Reserve.

> Don't try to shill "the virus is just a hoax guys!"
I don't think it's a hoax but I do think the mortality rates have been hyped.
All the new statistics are pointing to a lower mortality rate. In Spain where they had a 9% mortality rate, it dropped to about 1.1% mortality rate after finding out there were 2.200.000 more cases than what was previously thought. Also most people that are 30 years old were found to have about a 0.02% mortality rate.
Also in Spain they did a lot of testing among doctors and they found out that of all the 50.000 infected doctors and nurses, only 0.15 or 1 in 700 died.

We also have this (>79786 (you) ) picture where you can see the mortality rates are on pair with the flu. Either the statistics are lying or this stuff doesn't add up.

> North American lives mean nothing to him
But is 1% of the population worth a new economical crysis?
I don't think lockdowns should be implemented because the cure is worse than the illness. Just make wearing masks mandatory and open the economy before people start killing each other.