Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 02:24:21 Id: 7468f2 No.80308 del
The "how" is only half of what is important, the "why" of it is vital. The best way to understand the Jew is to imagine a self absorbed schizophrenic. Everything that exists must serve it's whims in one form or another. Now give this schizophrenic a cunning, dishonest streak. The Jew specialises in divide and conquer tactics. Want to destroy a nuclear family? Use feminism. Want to cause a drop in birth rates? Atomise a population and offer them distractions. Want to control a persons thoughts? Present only one paradigm for them to think in, in modern times Left and Right then make it so you have to choose only one and the other, nothing in between, no mix of the two, say Nationalism and Socialism. See, Nationalism makes it so the Jew is an obvious outsider unless they offer some service or business, then their an insider as "hey their useful". Socialism they like but only because they can profit from it as they add the clause of including the outsider as "oy vey the poor negroids". They can't function in grey areas between the paradigms they offer. Consider how it's only in recent decades suddenly race is no longer "relevent" despite the clear differences in everything from IQ, physical ability and the way a person thinks. It is widely accepted a black will never think like a white, even with cultural immersion in the "West". Black crime even among it's high earners still far exceeds that of white crime. It is at a fundamental level that we cannot co exist however the Jew profits from this on multiple levels; it can use the division to profit from with either distractions or outrage culture as well as blend into the scenery by being a "middle man" between races, taking the Nationalist side within certain parameters or the opposing side to incite racial violence on "evil white man". They themselves are akin to poisonous chameleons in this way, spreading division and chaos where ever they tread. You don't become the most hated race in the world for no reason after all.