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Let us go a bit more macro to explain what I mean, consider the White middle class in Europe and her colonies as a whole during the pandemic. Jobs lost, businesses lost, it's been a culling of sorts. Now let us move focus to America, already hit hard by COVID, suddenly an extra factor is introduced, violent negroids and self loathing upper class whites destroying all in sundry. An already untenable situation is made critical. Consider how many small white owned businesses have been destroyed in this. Larger companies, semetic firms, they'll be fine, they'll shrug off the loss, take the insurance cheque and reopen while posting "I can't breathe!" on their pathetic social media platforms. But the few remaining White businesses that tried to eek out a living? If COVID didn't kill them this has. This certainly has. How many were unemployed prior to this event due to the pandemic, several million? Add in at least half a million more now. Now add in demoralisation that due to us being White we are by default responsible, that we are undoubtedly horrible people, that is what your average viewer unaware of the situation will feel. Shamed, shamed for merely existing, for building a civilisation where once stood nothing. They will feel distraught, thoughts darkened by the bombardment enacted by this action, livelihoods destroyed, their existence seen as a curse upon the Earth. Never before has such an escalation of the anti European narrative occurred, never before have we seen such vicious attacks. Even my own besieged isle is repeating these talking points, the treacherous Mayor of Liverpool lighting the city itself purple in "solidarity" with a dead negro thief, our football (soccer) teams which ironically are now mostly composed with negros as well taking a knee for this dead criminal. The media saturation is global with even Iran making mention of it to add on the shame with comments about "brutality" and "oppression". Oh, there is certainly oppression but not of the negro population, that much is certain.

Now let us go a tad more macro, let us look at the State response. At first glace it appears the usual, the left go with "give the protesters space", "This is for George Floyd" with the pedantic semetic controlled rights response being "He wouldn't of wanted this" and "your destroying black business". In an ironic twist the left is probably truer in their claim, George Floyd would of been endeared by this, he would of been in the thick of the looting what with his career of robberies and violence. He would be in his element much like the rest. But when it comes to control of the situation as it clearly spirals, where once they would of put a stop to it quietly, using contacts within Antifa and other semetic led quarters, they instead allowed it to escalate. We know this is a deliberate allowance as we have two key cases which prove this, that of all American cities currently under siege by the negro and white accomplices and that of the parasites fortress of New York. Despite the "deployment" of the National Guard in Minnesota, very little changed as the carnage continued. Negros continued pillaging and in a number of cases hunting white people in gangs (although packs would be a more fitting term). This again occurred in Atlanta and a series of other areas. However where it was not allowed to turn into that kind of show was New York. With a brutal efficiency the New York Police, undoubtedly used to dealing with the negro population but still beholden to the semites will crushed the riots. Footage of Riot Police and full convoys are on record as they charged to protect the most unholy of places such as the Jewish quarter and business areas of New York. We all know why such a thing happened but it clearly demonstrates just how clearly this has been allowed to openly escalate.