Anonymous 06/04/2020 (Thu) 15:25:33 Id: 768bdc No.80554 del
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Open season has been called upon Europeans within the American colony, the semite has clearly shown this. Consider for a moment the few cases of organised White resistance that we have seen thus far. Irish in New York with baseball bats threatening rioters, telling them to "take your faggot energy out of here", small towns where Men peacefully assembled armed in order to protect their homes and their livelihoods. Ask yourself, what will happen to these people, these sons of Europa merely wishing to protect what is theirs. Social media is making it clear, these are "White Nationalists", "White Supremacists", evil men who must pay for the crime of protecting their homes and their loved ones. Do any truly believe the State won't make examples of some of these? Do any doubt their names and faces will be plastered across all Jewish controlled press for them to be hung for their grievous sin of protecting themselves? The State will make examples of them, it is already seeking examples as we speak. Arrests for refusing to submit, for defending yourself even when gangs of feral negros and their pathetic white handlers beat them within an inch of their lives. The State, the system itself needs their heads and it shall take them. It has to, no son of Europa can be allowed to stand defiant before the might of the occupied United States. Thusly we can begin to understand the why of how this has exploded as it has. It is a stress test of sorts, a test to see just how far the system can use it's might, just how much people can be manipulated with the sullen lies of the parasite and it's collaborators. Many believe COVID was a test for the system, to see how effective it's enforcement can be but I do not agree with that, mayhaps parts of it were but this, this I would claim is the true stress test. This is the continuation of hostilities, this is the second salvo against the sons of Europa within the colony.

To finish we shall now look at the highest tier, the very top. Trump and his foul lackeys. A man once lauded by the manipulated as the "God Emperor", a man who many believed would deliver hope to an atomised and wounded population, what has he done. Oh, well he had a phone call with some other higher ups and told them off. Just told them off. "Naughty naughty, you let the situation get out of hand". Meanwhile the worthless swine swiftly ran to a bunker as the White Houses guard shack was set on fire. Oh such a mighty hero, such a valiant and true defender of the white race is he as he whores his children out to the likes of the parasite Kushner, while he secures his "legacy" under the banner of the Jew. Pathetic. All know he could of stopped this, all know the laws are on the books, waiting to be enacted that would end this, all know he has the power. But he cowers. His handlers tell him "No Donald, sit quietly in the corner and listen while your daughter is fucked by Kushner, be a good goy, be a good little goy and soon you'll have a lovely mischling baby". Utterly disgusting. But he is but one of countless other puppets within the system, one piece on the parasites chess board they can use. He is doing something of interest though, he's help push through that thirty eight billion for Israel though. During a recession. While European Americans are losing jobs, livelihoods and indeed lives to the ravaging negro hordes. He's doing that. My, how "based" and "redpilled".