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So what is the take away from all of this, why the dramatic title of "The End of the Beginning". What we are observing in America and likely will soon be observing elsewhere is a loosening of the leash. An untying of the Golems chain as it were. We all know the story of how it turns on it's master but let us not forget, the parasite has told the Golem that he is not it's master, we are. We are it's master, we are it's enemy. Years of indoctrination, of vile lies and manipulation by it has enraged the golem in it's simple mind, has made it's focus us. I put forward that this is a stress test to see if they can reign that Golem back in. To see just how far they can let it attack, to see just how well it can be deployed to attack the European population in the States. They'll make sure the Golem does not attack themselves as evidenced by New York but all else is fair game. All else is fine. This is why I refer to it as the end of the beginning. The parasite has laid it's foundation, laid the stones along the path to the destruction of the European peoples, it has prepared it's tools and now begins the slow process of deploying it. Now begins the true battle. Now begins their escalation. The parasite understands it is on a timer as much as we, it knows we will not cease our efforts to save our people thusly it has chosen to begin the next stage of it's goal. This is why it is now more than ever we must redouble our efforts to hold back the shadows that loom, now more than ever we must prepare both ourselves and our kin for what is coming. They seek death and terror, destruction and violation. We must hold them back as long as we can to buy our people as much time as we can afford. We must deliver them not merely a chance to fight against what comes and survive but hope itself as this situation undoubtedly repeats in times yet to come. The times ahead will be bloody as we have seen from these events but not by our hand, by theirs. We must not flinch nor falter, we cannot afford to. The fate of our people rests on the shoulders of those who still stand defiant even in the face of this coming nightmare. Stand ready. Stand with each other. Fight for our people.

Until victory be won.