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Real nice writing anon

The entire thing seems extremely fabricated on all sides though. A (((porn))) star gets killed and everyone riots all across numerous locations, all at the same time. Then hundreds of multi-million dollar companies "show" support and make a mural or effigy for the guy, like clockwork. All this while people that can do something to make it stop just sit by and let everything occur?

People get killed in third-world countries everyday. not that it's good though. Just something to think about.

I remember a thread from a Brazilian anon a few months ago where he said that people in his country get killed like nothing, and nobody ever protests it. He even made a thread about waking up to a dead guy in his front door that was left for dead a day ago. Again, why are people so centered on one very specific guy, who's literal job is to deal in decadence and give random people syphilis and AIDS for a living? Shit's just bizarre.