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Here's a story for you /pol/
I remember being really young when this happened. A African guy in my village killed another African in cold blood during the early afternoon. It was so surreal. That guy was so young, only 15 years old and he killed another person for something extremely petty and benign.

When we saw him being arrested by the police, his face was just so devoid of any emotion. Like he felt nothing. An entire family just lost their beloved son, friends lost one of their own, a entire generation just killed in broad delight, and he can't cut the tough guy act and show a sliver of some human emotion. This wasn't even the first time I'd happened. It was an ongoing issue in the place I used to live and happened so many times that the local newspaper just stopped reporting those crimes all together

Here's a documentary you can watch which was posted on /pol/ years ago about the way Africans treat other Africans called "Vice guide of Liberia". vice sucks fat dick, but it's pretty good. [Embed]

This is who you're dealing with /pol/. They just don't care or have any empathy, even for their own people.

>The kid speaking is extremely obnoxious.
He really is though