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Just as a warning if you decide to watch the documentary. It is extremely graphic and depressing.

>Its funny how the enlightenment championed freedom from oppression but enlightenment based regimes are more despotic than kings could ever dream of being.
Yeah people lie, all the time. One shouldn't be so trusting of what people say, no matter how good it sounds.

There were tons of revolts against them until Rome collapsed because everyone knew they were either nutjobs or corrupt. Take Roman emperor Caligula or Nero for example. Or any Senator or Emperor until the empire died out. Caligula even ended up being assassinated by the Praetorian guards if you can believe it. Praetorian guards were the emperor's personal escorts. That's how much Caligula was hated. Not even his own hired guards liked him.

At least at that time, everyone knew that Caligula and Nero were screwing their mothers and were incompetent. Current era, people fool themselves into believing obviously compromised puppets are "cool" and "FUCKING BASED" because someone posted a retarded action-y meme about them, like them jet-skiing or playing Vide0h Gaymes or whatever. The people who are actually in charge never seem to share the spotlight though.

Hence the current "enlightenment" is actually the Occult era. Every thing is hidden and deceptive. And also shitty and stupid. Some people fool themselves into thinking that incompetence and idiocy are achievements though. lol

>With feudalism community ties were strong and you knew exactly who was in charge so you knew exactly who to blame.
You could also own land and live of your own property. You had families that knew themselves for centuries and had plenty of kids, friends, work partners and foreign company from other European countries as well. And we had rulers that actually cared about us and took care of us. Almost all wars were fought by the nobility or their hired troops for example. Civilians weren't forced to die in pointless wars or conflicts, ever.

Do we have anything similar today?