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>Now our rulers never see a battlefield while its the lowliest serfs that are sent to die in the desert to protect opium crops.

See the first picture. It got it's start in the "French" Revolution. The "Grandee army" Nappy used, who was completely a british agent mind you, was just about any serf that he could get a hand on to hold a rifle. That was the reason he won so many battles initially. He lost around 96% of all of his troops when he invaded Russia by the way, most of which were just regular plebs. Hardly a good commander. Could also have some esoteric elements to it. Sacrificing an innumeral amount of people for the demonic deities he worships he was a mason. Pretty fucked up. Fuck nappy and his entire family though. Piece of shit looted all of Europe, let his troops rape and murder innocent civilians, and even stole from the Royal Portuguese cementary. Robbing old monarchy while they're dead. A real class act

Also, he put his family members as kings when he conquered a nation. Happened in Spain and the Netherlands. Don't see the point of replacing an aristocracy that "supposedly" nepotistic and corrupt with people how practically embody the allegations made against them.