Anonymous 06/16/2020 (Tue) 19:08:18 Id: 7d8bce No.80737 del
I will gladly attest to how diseased Britain is at this point. Our leaders "history" with the parasite is of public record, from Cromwell's pathetic little scheme of conversion to Jewish funding of the Churchill families, let us say, "extra curricular activities" of whores, gambling and alcohol. Our royals are just as intrinsically linked also such as the delightful Prince Andrews predication for young flesh as well as financial ties to the Jewish banking family the Rothschilds. America is in no way unique in this regard, it is a tale told in every European nation and colony, semetic parasites offering money and whatever degenerate needs weak willed "leaders" have. Where ever these foul creatures tread only misery and degeneration follow.