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>Can't find the video, "A message to all white people from the Jewish community!"
>Audio recording of the video
Found the video. Watch it here attach on this post, a Jew admitting his "people's" crimes. He admits the Jews control the US (as the most powerful nation in the world), the media, responsibility for Germany's destruction after World War II, JFK assassination, and Jew's being communists (which is true, not even up for speculation anymore if you looked at the past threads).

Video Transcript:
>Dear white people, dear gentiles,
>You’ve got to stop. I like you [white race goyim]. I don’t hate you like the rest of the Jews. But you’ve got to stop, you have to stop hating Jews, you have to stop with the anti-Semitic comments, you have to stop telling everyone that we are all communists, that we’re all out to destroy the white race… I am mean yes, its true! But you shouldn’t be telling this to everyone! It makes my people angry! It makes my people do even worse things!
>Look what happened to Germany after Hitler took over - it was completely destroyed! Look what happened to John F. Kennedy. Look what happened to the Twin Towers [look up the Dancing Israeli incident during 9/11 >>80301]. Every time you did something against us, horrible, horrible things happen. So please, stop. So how are you supposed to be safe from the white genocide you might ask? Well, it is quite simple: be a Jew! It’s not that hard, convert to Judaism! Be a Jew! That way, you won’t have to die, like the rest of the goyim. I’m sorry that I have to tell you this, but this is true! So please, don’t bring yourself so much harm. Just be Jewish! It’s the best solution for everyone.
>Don’t try to resist! Hitler tried to resist, and Germany was destroyed. Obama tried to resist, Hillary Clinton tried to resist - they all tried to resist! We control the banks, we control the media [>>80240], we control the most powerful nation in the world. We have nukes, we have everything! There’s nothing you can do! Just be Jewish, and everyone [the Jews] will be happy.