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>They used "anarchists" during the 80s and 90s as the punk fad because of the Cold War of 1947 through 1991. Those were the crowd with multi-colored dyed mohawk hair and shrieked against "fascism" without ever knowing what it meant.

Kinda like "Dead Kennedys" and the "Sex Pistols" and other punk groups that popped up out of nowhere during that era?

>It's funny though. The retarded American government who destroyed Germany only realized Communism was a problem that needed to be dealt with afterwards.

Nah, they probably knew about it earlier on. Like the local village idiot that changes identity to spam us every day here, every actor has his role in this shitty play.

Main reason communism exists is so Western countries can point at it and go "See, we may be bad, but at least we're not awful like them".

Even if there were some decent amount gov people fighting against it during the early onset of it, there's no way they would have won. Too many "behind the scenes" actors working in the background