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>The one going around was "totally brave black man confronts cop agitator"
>one telling cops he'll calm them down which looked staged as fuck.

They have different ways of performing, operating and protesting depending on the location, country, or city they are in. So their tactics differ.

But it was somewhat similar. Basically, the big wig organizers where in the back alleys of the city and where talking about the best way to look to the public and the formation they should be in, before the protest happened. Trying to pass themselves as "the good guys", fighting "Fascists" who are bads and rapists and shieet. The opposite is true and they are obviously projecting, but someone's paying for all of this shit to happen so we really can't do much at the moment.

No, there were no men in pink shirts during that protest.

One thing I noticed about the cameramen was the gear they had on them. I took a journalism class in college elective, of course and know a little about cameras. They didn't have cheap, tourist shop cameras on them before the protest happened, or even mid range camera equipment. They had cameras that where easily over 1000 euros for everything included in it. Stuff only legit pros use. Entire shit was staged