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That depends on what type of violence. As I'm sure you're well aware, the NSDAP rose to power while fighting back against infiltrators of their meetings and as they marched through the streets. Self defense can
be a form of necessary violence. Anti-Communism was sealed with public opinion behind them not only when this retard Marinus van der Lubbe set fire to the Reichstag parliament building but both the failed (and violent) November Revolution of 1918-19 and March Action of 1921 were fresh in Germans' minds.

Particular types of violence of the opposing side tend to serve as a catalyst for the side in power to retain more power, such as enabling laws to combat the flawed title "white supremacists" which really only means everyone who falls under the white label. Only bomb or open fire on Muslim mosques, kike Synagogues or any other types of shitskins if you want Zionist Occupied Governments to strengthen control. Besides not wanting anons of this board to be entrapped by the Feds, that is another reason why the "Attn all newfags DON'T BE FUCKING RETARDED" thread is pinned. ZOG has enough of an international stranglehold. What is necessary is higher minded planning and a repeat of how the NSDAP gained their numbers, applied to the modern era without pandering to jewish interests not "because there's no choice so lets not judge traitors" bullshit I often hear about Zionist cucks.