Anonymous 09/08/2020 (Tue) 23:42:33 Id: 0d63eb No.82124 del
You can't just change the system from within. I've met too many who claimed that was their ambition. Types who hired on with a bank or tried to be politicians, eventually dropping out of the race. They arrive with few followers or none. They're absorbed into it, becoming part of ZOG. Always lamenting that some day they'll beat it. Ranting how change must constantly be small because they're one person. Defeat and dying hope. As they age, they give in. "By joining the enemy I'll stop the enemy" is a flawed tactic.

On the contrary, the NSDAP held public rallies, not letting low attendance dissuade as they started out. Going door to door to acquire more people. Gaining the attention of a sympathetic newspaper while at the same time being popularized through slander by the judenpresse. 13 years of struggle, gaining traction as numbers swelled. Who does that anymore? How long did Patrick Little try before he gave up? Maybe a year or two only through ranting on the streets to gain e-followers. His channel and site are gone now. The fact is, no one has ever tried and succeeded on the same path as Hitler since. Giving up and giving in is not only the norm. It's universal.